The cozy hand knitted sweater we wore saying "my mom made this"

The healthy lunch we carried to school saying "my mama made this"

The traditional pattu pavadai we draped whirling around saying "my amma made this"

The big box of delicious chocolates we shared saying "my mummy made this"

The Sunday mornings we applied herbals for glowing skin & silky hair saying "my maa made this"

The teary twinkle memories tucked in our teeny treasure bags saying "my mother made this"


‘My Mother Made This’ is a space dedicated for mothers to sell their crafts and products with tools to help them scale their business operations. We hope to empower mothers who strive to meet ends for their families. We tell their stories through the products they create.

Mothers, we owe it to you. We make it easy for you to focus on your families while we do all the work. Create a brand, market your products, provide tools for daily operations and break-even quickly before your child cries out for you.

Of all things we have owned, used, shared and cherished, My Mother Made This happen.