We all have called them ‘Super Moms’

Many have sacrificed their careers, dreams and aspirations for their families. Many have walked the daring distance and worked endlessly to earn the extra penny to give wings to their children. Many have been housed to follow culture and religion. And many, have been alone.

And yet, all have surpassed these struggles and have made things happen.

‘My Mother Made This’ is an ecosystem dedicated for promoting independent mother entrepreneurs in the micro, small & medium enterprise segment who need simple, easy-to-use tools to scale operations, assistance for daily business, a marketplace to sell their products and a platform to be recognized. It aims at identifying mothers who strive to make a living by pursuing their passions within the demands of their family obligations and balancing a full time professional career.

All mothers of any age are welcome to sell their crafted products on our website. If you are a mother and would like to sell with us, click here to register.