Many dreams lost in whispers and winds.

Many aspirations shut inside closets. 

Many lives sacrificed for little ones. 

A sense of pure satisfaction. '' is finally live!

Getting here hasn't been easy. Moving mountains would be easier.

Seeing many mothers strive everyday to balance their family needs and pursuing their passions, I felt the need to create a platform to help them achieve their dreams, aspirations and find purpose in their lives.

'My Mother Made This' is just the beginning. This is a B2C marketplace to connect mother makers with their customers and new markets. Alongside, I am building, a B2B design thinking and reimagined value chain solutions for all independent entrepreneurs. With these platforms, I hope to create an ecosystem for all independent entrepreneurs, especially mothers to establish world class products and brands that tell their story stronger than ever!

With utmost reverence to all mothers.

My Mother Made This Happen!

Nanda Venugopal