The twigs in our nest have fallen.

But our wings can take a greater flight.

We are rebuilding. A bigger nest this time. Stronger even.

With a strength of 80+ mothers and mother-alike, with probably 1000+ products, we have a lot to offer. Essentials and essential-others. Non-essential is a lost word in the world of makers. But we respect it.

We are working closely with our distributors to reach across all the zones. But everyday has become unsurprisingly different and therefore we need to hold back.

Our work is still on. We are onboarding products that are nature's pride and can't wait to share the wisdom of mothers through their crafts. For now, we are volunteering to help minor groups and communities to provide at least a handful with our tiny hands.

And well, our mothers are making this happen. Many are having to hold back due to limited hands and the materials needed to craft, along with the stress of Corona and their families depending on them more than before.

They always walk the daring distance to give us the wings.

Here is to Mother. A Mother's Day, happy ever!

Stay tuned on our Instagram, Facebook My Mother Made This and our noise-less newsletter for updates. If you are a maker, mother or mother-alike, a-gender even, get in touch and we will hold your hand.

Stay home, and away and away. A good social distance away. Till we breathe an air less virus and hug a Mother Bear.