The unprecedented event of COVID19 has brought us humans to our knees. As we strive to find a cure, to quarantine and practice social distancing has been our only choice to break the cycle and flatten the curve. Thanks to the Government of India to impose regulations for the nation wide lockdown, we have managed to curtail the spread which otherwise could have been a devastating event. 

We would like to take this moment to express our gratitude to our frontline experts, essential service providers, healthcare professionals have worked selflessly and tirelessly to help us survive this outbreak within all the limitations.

With the restrictions on sale of goods & services through stores or e-commerce limited to essentials, we closed our store temporarily to abide by the rules. Like everyone, we have taken a step back in our daily operations, the support we could extend to our mother makers and our customers we serve. 

We are now glad that the situation is under control and the regulations imposed for e-commerce on essentials and non-essentials are relaxed to the supply to regions demarcated by red, orange & green zones are more definite for us to being with our operations. 

While we regain and begin afresh, we request your cooperation and understanding. We are taking precautions to ensure the quality of goods supplied and the service standards to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and continued social distance. We are working closely with our distributors to ensure these practices. 

As much as we are aware, unless the cure is certain, we must continue to quarantine, stay clean and spread hope for a better world.

Starting tomorrow, our website will be operational and you can enjoy the convenience of shopping quality hand made products by our mothers. No one better can provide you with what they do!

Reflecting back these few weeks, it has indeed been a time to heal and grow stronger.

Stay home while we deliver everything you need to your doorstep and stay safe.

Thank you. We cannot wait to start again!


Nanda Venugopal