Air Element Essential Oils Blend
Air Element Essential Oils Blend

Air Element Essential Oils Blend


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In traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, our body is said to be the physical expression and our emotions the language of our subconscious mind, whereas Nadis are the channels through which,  the life energies of the physical, subtle and the causal body are said to flow.

The natural and free flow of life energy coursing through our nadis ensures our health and longevity, while blocked or suppressed emotions result in clogged nadis and imbalances in physiological, psychological or spiritual health.

Balancing the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Ether, using essential oils can help restore the free flow of life energy through our nadis and provide physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.

Designer, Handcrafted Essential oils blend Contains: Natural essential oils of Geranium, Bergamont, Neroli, Fennel, Lavender, Black pepper, Grape fruit, Ginger, Frankincense, Basil.

Benefits : This designer, handcrafted blend contains  oils that activate, balance, harmonise, heal & helps attain spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical well being. Benefits include opening up of creative expression, throat and sacral chakras, relating in a playful way, flexibility with a strong sense of self.

How to use : Add 3 to 4 drops of Nydile’s designer, handcrafted, natural, essential oil blend to a diffuser containing water. Light the tea candle provided and let the water essential oil mixture warm for a few minutes. The essential oil aroma will gently fill the air and lets you enjoy the benefits of this designer blend.

The product quantity is 10ml and comes packaged in a glass bottle inside a carton box. 


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