• Bindu's Herbal Orange Peel

    Bindu's Herbal Orange Peel

    Skin Polish + Anti Ageing - Bindu's Orange Peel Powder when applied to the face/full body gives a glossy effect. It helps restoring collagen which is responsible for skin firming and prevents early ageing. Orange peel powder is a good source of Vitamin C and an excellent exfoliating agent. It is extremely useful in reducing fine lines and removing skin tan from your face and body. When added with Bindu's Almond scrub it rejuvenates, brightens and balances the skin. For all skin types. Bindu's Orange peel powder contains no preservatives / chemicals. Directions: Mix 1tsp (for face) / 1-2 Tbs...

    Rs. 135.00

  • Bindu's Herbal Almond Scrub

    Bindu's Herbal Almond Scrub

    Flawless radiance - Almond scrub is a blockbuster product from Bindu's Herbals. Many stand testimony to this wonderful pack which works wonders on the skin.Bindu's almond scrub gives fairness, radiance, tonality while removing marks, pimple blemishes and dark circles with regular use to give you a flawless skin. Use it daily to see a new yourself in the mirror. Miracles do happen! For all skin types. Bindu's Almond scrub contains no preservatives / chemicals. Directions: Mix 1tsp of Bindu's Almond scrub with 3tsp of milk and soak for 2 mins. Gently massage all over the face, eyes and neck i...

    Rs. 135.00 - Rs. 250.00