Chia Date Bars - Pack of 5
Chia Date Bars - Pack of 5
Chia Date Bars - Pack of 5

Chia Date Bars - Pack of 5

Huda Bar

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We needed a grain free bar for those who were avoiding gluten. We also needed something that was softer, especially for the mountain climbers. And we wanted to avoid the actual work that was required (invoicing, accounting and general number crunching - HALP!). This date paste bar is stuffed FULL of almond and cashew powder and liberally peppered with organic chia seeds 

We will gladly take back our packaging. Please, if you are in Bangalore, give us a call to coordinate pick up of our packaging or bring it by. What we cannot reuse or sterilise (like our glass jars), we will recycle responsibly. We do not want anything from THB to enter the landfill. 


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