Peanut Butter Bars - Pack of 5
Peanut Butter Bars - Pack of 5

Peanut Butter Bars - Pack of 5

Huda Bar

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This is our most expensive bar to make. This is primarily because we make OUR OWN peanut butter from scratch - which includes three different levels of roast. The smokiness comes from our dark roast, the sweetness comes from the Maillard reaction in our perfect medium roast and the astringent, peanutty flavour comes from our light roast. Other peanut butters are just plain, monotonous and boring. Ours swoops up and down through the smoky, the sweet and the peanutty.

Made from scratch peanut butter and whole, perfectly roasted peanuts are in this precious bar of ours, for the athletes, the gym goers and those who want an extra boost of protein.

We will gladly take back our packaging. Please, if you are in Bangalore, give us a call to coordinate pick up of our packaging or bring it by. What we cannot reuse or sterilise (like our glass jars), we will recycle responsibly. We do not want anything from THB to enter the landfill. 


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